Compaq Presario 2831AP ADI Soundmax Audio illesztőprogram ingyenes letöltés (ver. 5.­12.­01.­3920)

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ADI Soundmax Audio (ver. 5.­12.­01.­3920) MSZIP kiadás 2004.03.12.

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Kategória Notebookok
Gyártó Compaq
Eszköz Presario 2831AP
Operációs rendszer Windows XP
Verzió 5.­12.­01.­3920
Fájl méret 19.64 Mb
Fájl típus MSZIP
Kiadás 2004.03.12
Keresés és letöltés

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ADI Soundmax Audio Driver for Compaq Presario 2831AP Type: Driver - Audio This contains the Windows 2000 and Windows XP audio driver for ADI host-basedaudio CODECs.­FIXES: Fixes problem where AC3 stream noise was heard from front channel after selecting and then de-selecting.­ Fixes problem where the S/­PDIF output would become enabled for PCM streams when the PCM check box on the mixer panel was not selected.­ Fixes problem where Windows 2000 users could not record from Wave Out Mix on ALI platforms.­ Fixes problem where noise was heard during ADI audio driver installation process.­ This affected computers with Windows XP and ALI M1535+ chipsets,­ and was independent of CODEC.­ Fixes problem where users could no longer continuously record after wave player had stopped.­ Fixes problem where the right channel would not mute when the slider for Microphone was moved to the bottom position.­ Fixes problem where "Driver Update" did not work properly when the name of a new INF file was different from the one already installed.­ HOW TO USE: Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­

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